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How today’s weak iPod update speaks to Apple’s manufacturing problems

Attention, it has come to my awareness that I am mostly wrong about this post. The 32 and 64GB version of the iTouch are not so weak, they are only lacking the camera. Instead of dwelling on these facts, which … Continue reading

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DRM is the lock, this is the lock-in. Early frustrations with AppleTV markII

What you can (and can’t do) with iTunes and Apple TV rentals commented: “I bought Robocop last night and was excited to watch it when all of the sudden iTunes crashed and poof, no ‘Robocop’ when I reopened iTunes. I … Continue reading

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Top 10 Immediate problems between me and my MacBook Air

the 1.8″ ipod-model Hard drive inside is going to be SLOW. The $1000 SSD option is crazy. no ethernet port only 1 (one, uno, single) USB port no mobile broadband modem, not even an expansion slot for one (how is … Continue reading

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