Consulting & Rates

My focus right now is the intersection of AI, software product management and Fintech. I do everything from short 1-2 hour conversations with strategy teams or analysts, through to speaking panels or longer term working engagements. Potentially open to fractional-type CPO roles, or special-project product leadership roles e.g. rapid prototyping and development of AI initiatives.

Example recent short-form engagement topics (typically over Zoom or Conference call):

  • Financial Implications of Artificial intelligence (AI) | Strategic Overview for an investment fund
  • Virtual Panel Session: Technology Business Model & Product Strategy | private corporate training event
  • Open Banking/Embedded Finance (OB/EF) | Industry Overview
  • International Product Readiness and localization/ Language Translations | Best Practices for a product team
  • Payroll APIs | Customer Perspective (Finch, Codat, Merge)
  • USD Coins & Digital Initiatives vs traditional payment rails | phone consultation
  • Card on File (COF) Tokenization / Network Tokenization | Overview
  • e-Commerce Payment Solutions | Phone consultation for an investment firm
  • Authentication Process within Ecommerce, P2P and commercial payments, embedded finance and/or blockchain | Best Practices
  • Real Time Payments (RTP / FedNow) Frictionless Financial Platforms Space | Strategic overview for an investment firm

Example deeper-dive consultations

  • Flow Networks – SaaS fintech & payment engagement platform. Product strategy, architecture and go-to-market
  • OkaiHi – Seed stage African address-verfication fintech. Helped leadership and product management solve distribution blockers and challenges with SDK and bank-integration B2B2C model.
ServicesWho’s it forRates
60 advisory call on any topicAnalysts, Investors, Enterprise Brands$500 / hr
30 min advice/networking/anything I can do to helpOther foundersfree
Extended engagements or hands-on product workFIs, Startups, Fintechs, SaaS/AI vendorsemail me

Past Clients: