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I was a little… early predicting Apple’s big switch to ditch Intel’s chips

It’s been several years since I blogged regularly. Belatedly, here I am cleaning out the dusty attic of this wordpress domain, and I stumble upon this gem in anciently saved drafts. “Apple CPUs should be fast enough to start replacing … Continue reading

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Why Apple is giving away software for free

Free is an unusual price to put on a piece of enormously complex desktop software like an office suite or an OS. Especially when sales of that software currently earn you hundreds of millions a year. Yet that’s was Apple’s … Continue reading

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What’s In My Backpack

A snapshot in time of my current glass pancake stack. One iPad 1st gen, one iPhone 4th gen for iOs demos and prototyping. One Android tablet (Nexus 7) and phone (HTC One X) for demos and prototyping. One old Samsung … Continue reading

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