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DRM is the lock, this is the lock-in. Early frustrations with AppleTV markII

What you can (and can’t do) with iTunes and Apple TV rentals


“I bought Robocop last night and was excited to watch it when all of the sudden iTunes crashed and poof, no ‘Robocop’ when I reopened iTunes. I guess I could call Apple and get a second chance to download it but at this point I’m too depressed.”

“DRM just makes the whole “rules” thing so tedious.”

“I have a Mac Mini essentially working as an AppleTV. Being locked out of HD content because it is not an actual AppleTV is rather annoying.”

“My head is spinning… back to BitTorrent.”

“why can’t life be simpler?”

Oh it can, it could have been much, much simpler. What the music industry has figured out already: drm-free downloads that Just Work wherever and however we want to use them, I can has it RIGHT NOW from bittorrent, or I can be happy to buy it for a reasonable price straight from an online retailer I know and trust – if such a format was only for sale.

They may think they are, but the movie studios are not even competing with the downloaders yet.

The apple TV mark2, is the best product we’ve seen yet for protected digital video content. After it fails, the studios will finally go the way the music industry went.