About Me

I am a product, design and engineer leader at the intersection of payments, fintech and AI.

Come to me for two decades of hands-on product experience in digital banking, payments and SaS. Career spanning both startups and enterprise. Author of over 80 (and counting) granted international patents on digital wallets, tokenization, realtime payments, ecommerce and more.

Recently CPO & CTO at MainStreet, series B fintech offering a breadth of open-finance based services for startups and R&D oriented growth companies. At MainStreet, led a team of 70+ product, designers and engineers. Turned that company around using a combination of open banking apis, ML, and AI to automate the qualification, tax-prep and processing of R&D tax credits.  Previously 12yr VP of digital products at Visa Inc. in San Francisco. Most recently at Visa, conceived and led Visa’s api and SaaS platform strategy for fintechs, neobanks. Drove 40M in new ARR, through net new services for instant digital issuance, real-time transaction controls, real-time card porfolio management, fx apis and mobile-wallet-provisioning. Also, at Visa I led the Visa Checkout digital wallet product team. Scaling that product to 40M+ global users in 24 countries up to that product becoming a global EMVco industry standard as click-to-pay.

Active advisor and investor in the fintech space with multiple successful exits.

Note: I offer paid remote consultation to analysts and investment firms needing help navigating trends in fintech. I offer free advice on same topics to founders on the same. Give me a call.


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