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Top 10 Immediate problems between me and my MacBook Air

  1. the 1.8″ ipod-model Hard drive inside is going to be SLOW. The $1000 SSD option is crazy.
  2. no ethernet port
  3. only 1 (one, uno, single) USB port
  4. no mobile broadband modem, not even an expansion slot for one (how is this “Air”?)
  5. no removable/swappable battery
  6. good ram quantity out of the box but not (?) upgradeable in the future?
  7. Did you know? by Q3 of this year, Wimax will come standard on Intel Centrino chipsets
  8. 802.11n isn’t actually a finalized/approved standard yet
  9. SSD’s are bleeding-edge-new right now but prices will be dropping like a stone
  10. Apple does an update/refresh to almost all macbook models every 6-8 months.

sigh. the thing is basically an iphone with a keyboard stuck to it. But with less wireless.

11. It sure looks pretty though.

12. Maybe it’s worth it?

UPDATE:Anandtech has an excellent and very thorough review of the Mac Book Air, including the first truly objective benchmarks of the SSD harddrive option swapped in and out of the same notebook. If I could summarize the review for you, as you might have guessed:

The MBA is very good at what it does, there’s just a bunch of things that it doesn’t.

Scoble meanwhile notices “the smiles as people pick it up for the first time