DRM is the lock, this is the lock-in. Early frustrations with AppleTV markII

What you can (and can’t do) with iTunes and Apple TV rentals commented: “I bought Robocop last night and was excited to watch it when all of the sudden iTunes crashed and poof, no ‘Robocop’ when I reopened iTunes. I guess I could call Apple and get a second chance to download it but at […]

Sony drops DRM

Like the Pope himself deciding, after all this time, to try on a rubber, and not days since I suggested it wouldn’t happen until the last blue ray was prised out of their cold dead hands, Sony (Sony!) BGM has announce plans to drop DRM* on their music. OMG. hallelujah. And just in time as […]

Vista’s DRM mistake, and the decline of Microsoft Windows

Microsoft introduces Vista to area bloggers, Nov. 2006 “Microsoft Corp. shares fell as much as 2.7 percent on Friday, their biggest drop in nine months, after Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said analysts’ forecasts for fiscal 2008 revenue for Windows Vista were “overly aggressive.” Microsoft shares tumble on CEO comments -CNNMoney “A new study by Jupiter […]

Smartest idea they’ve had in a while

The Motion Picture Association of America has tried any number of tactics to fight piracy, but its latest scheme might actually prove useful to movie consumers on the Internet. The group is supposedly working on a new website that will offer information on how to find legit sources of movies so that users won’t have […]

Greg Gillis’ Girl Talk kicks music in the ass

At the $5-or-more level, buyers can choose to download the album in [DRM-free] MP3 or FLAC format, the latter being exact copies of the original source files without compression. Also included is a single MP3 file featuring the music without track breaks. Link Moar M: mp3 or flac? T: flac is for wankers M: … […]

How to support real (music) artists with or without “strong” copyright reform

Don’t buy DRM infected media. This includes CDs, DVDs, protected iTunes files, Microsoft Plays for sure (which by the way, usually doesn’t). DRM is a pain in the ass, you don’t need it and if Canada’s new legislation passes unamended, by accepting DRM you effectively void any privileges of how, when and where you might […]

How the new Canadian Copyright bill fails Canadians

As reported everywhere, Canada’s industry minister introduced a new copyright bill yesterday. And it’s no good. However, assuming we need “reform” at all, there are simple changes that could go a long way to fixing it. The most important of these would be a qualifier on “anti-circumvention”. In the current bill, any circumvention is automatically […]


Stars’ new album comes out on CD in September, but is available now legally, cheaply and for DRM-free digital download at the arts-and-crafts store $11.86CAD / 10.98 USD / 5.54 GBP / 8.87EUR and just today from Zunior.com only $8.88CAD and eMusic.comCategories with free ringtones cheap if you have a subscription, or free if you […]

A Prehistory of Twitter

Every new media retrieves an archetype of a dead one. With the fuss over social presence at the moment, I recalled to how I first tried to achieve twitter. Twitter for me retrieves my very first blog which was nothing more than a log of msn messenger handles. And one point, there was even a semi-functional rss feed of this thanks to Michael Aird. Little personal moments at 80 characters or less (Twitter is generous by comparison).

A time capsule, after the jump:

Except for all the really bad parts, It’s really not that bad – Vista reconsidered

I just had this memory. Windows Vista reminds me. It reminds me of sharing a flat with an attention-starved actor as I once did in college – constantly running in to the room ‘loook at mee!’ he’d literally shout at you as you were trying to do anything else ‘No, Everybody! paaaay attention to meeeee’ […]

Summer podcast is up!

Good news everyone! and thanks to those who’ve been pestering me to get a new one up. Here it is, my summer walking tour of all that’s cool as I’ve discovered in Indie rock this season (a.k.a. The Best Damn Music You Won’t Hear on the Radio). But it’s also a little autobiographical, these are […]

At Mesh today

Mesh notes so far: At a conference it not about the speakers so much as the conversations. some good moments today… Talking to Nick Moraitis today of takingitglobal.org about the “future” of local media/newspapers. I made a point about an increasing number of people not being from anywhere specifically local anymore. Nick (of australia, usa, […]