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Tom’s Best of 2015 Music Mix

Well it’s that time again, best of the year playlists only come around once a year these days. And here you go. A sampling of the tunes that kept me sane and kept me bopping this year. enjoy!

Be Togelher (feat. Wild Belle) Major Lazer Peace Is The Mission 3:53
Carry On Coeur De Pirate Roses (Deluxe) 3:35
Silver Fang Mardeen Silver Fang 2:35
Nowhere We Cannot Go Hayden Hey Love 3:52
Billions of Eyes Lady Lamb After 5:10
Pieces Tanlines Highlighls 3:53
Let It Happen Tame Impala Currenls 7:48
SeeSaw Jamie Jot, Romy In Colour 4:29
Mate Gang Signs Geist 5:30
Should Have Known Better Sujan Stevens Carrie 8. Lowell 5:08
Downth Majical Cloudz Are You Alone? 4:09
I Admit I’m Scared Eskimeaux O.K. 3:48

Here is the Complete Playlist on Spotify – Tom’s Best of 2015

I am sorry… there is no rdio link. this is the year that rdio died 🙁

or play the playlist right here:

Tom’s Best of 2012 Indie Mix

Diamond Rings Live San Francisco 2012

I’ve been sitting on this one for too long. Well not so much sitting, as bopping in my chair. The dog’s been looking at me funny. You will be too. I mean the bopping, more than the looking funny. You are beautiful. I swear.

So much good music this year. And I just have to keep the tradition alive (search this blog for music mixes going back to 2006). I know you guys need you fix of the yearly music mix. enjoy!

01.    Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros     Man on Fire
02.    The Lumineers     Ho Hey
03.    Electric Guest     This Head I Hold
04.    Miike Snow     Bavarian #1 (Say You Will)
05.    Passion Pit     Take A Walk
06.    Stealing Sheep     Shut Eye
07.    Crystal Castles     Plague
08.    alt-J     Matilda
09.    Grimes     Oblivion
10.    The XX     Angels
11.    Tycho     A Walk
12.    Washed Out     Amor Fati
13.    Yppah     R. Mullen
14.    Now, Now     Dead Oaks
15.    Islands     This is Not A Song
17.    Bat For Lashes     Laura
18.    Beach House     Myth
20.    Diamond Rings     I’m Just Me
21.    Hot Chip     Look At Where We Are
22.    Sea Wolf     Old Friend
23.    Joel Plaskett Emergency     Harbour Boys
24.    Skinny Lister     If The Gaff Don’t Let Us Down
25.    Chromatics     Kill for Love

Two good options, download the whole thing as a big-ass-zip-file here: Tom’s best of 2012 zip file
Or if you Rdio, you can follow me and stream [almost all] the playlist here: Tom’s best of 2012 Rdio Playlist

pictured: Diamond Rings, San Francisco 2012

Tom’s Best of 2011 Music Mix!

It’s back!’s traditional regularly irregular mix of awesome and slightly irregular music. Basically here’s a track from all the bands that kept my earbuds spinning this long year. As usual the list is autobiographical more than canonical. I’m never one to color perfectly amongst the lines. It’s already a few days past 2011 and there may have even been a few songs snuck in from the last days of 2010 but lets not be picky, let’s just rock out. DL the whole set and listen in playlist order, or just mix them up.

Special thanks to CBCRadio3, NPR, KEXP, Rdio, eMusic and various friends for most of these discoveries. Do let me know what I missed. And let’s bring on 2012!

01 M83 – Midnight City
02 The RAA – Barnes’ Yard
03 Salteens – If Love Is Gone Where Do We Go from Here
04 Austra – Lose It
05 Young Galaxy – We Have Everything
06 Emm Gryner – Ciao Monday
07 Lightning Dust – Never Again
08 Teen Daze – Let’s Fall Asleep Together
09 Active Child – Hanging On
10 Washed Out – A Dedication
11 Tycho – A Walk
12 Cut Copy – Need You Now
13 Holy Ghost! – Wait And See
14 Beach Fossils – What a Pleasure
15 Hey Rosetta – Seeds
16 Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues
17 One Hundred Dollars – Ties That Bind
18 J Mascis – Not Enough
19 The Dodos – Black Night
20 Craft Spells – Party Talk
21 Braids – Lemonade
22 Timber Timbre – Black Water
23 Low – Try to Sleep
24 Bon Iver – Calgary
25 The Antlers – No Widows
26 Alexi Murdoch – Slow Revolution
27 CYHSY – Same Mistake
28 Tapes’s ‘n Tapes – Freak Out
29 The Fires Of – Pulse


Tom’s Best of 2010 indie music mix

Graeme and the fires of This is what happens I fail to publish my “seasonal” podcast mix, the list I keep in iTunes just gets longer and longer. With a little time over the holidays and the clock on 2010 having officially run out… I present you with Tom’s best of (mostly) indie 2010 mix. As usual the list makes no claim to the canonical, more rather it’s autobiographical. Your mileage could well have varied, but these are my top songs of the year.

Track listing. To be clear: In suggested playlist order as opposed to any particular “top-tennish” sequencishness.

01 Jónsi – Go do
02 CEO – white magic
03 Crystal Castles – Baptism
04 Daft Punk – Derezzed
05 We Love – Hide Me
06 Delorean – Real Love
07 Active Child – I’m In Your Church At Night
08 Diamond Rings – Something Else
09 Groove Armada – Paper Romance
10 Broken Bells – The High Road
11 Brasstronaut – Slow Knots
12 How To Dress Well – Ready For The World
13 Agnes Obel – Riverside
14 Stornoway – Zorbing
15 Mountain Man – Sewee Sewee
16 The Tallest Man On Earth – The Wild Hunt
17 Shearwater – Black Eyes
18 Active Child – Wilderness
19 Ratatat – Alps
20 Stars – We Don’t Want Your Body
21 The Guest Bedroom – Curses
22 Stornoway – Boats And Trains
23 The Mountains & The Trees – More & More & More
24 The Sadies – Another Year Again
25 Zeus – Marching Through Your Head
26 Brasstronaut – Hearts Trompet
27 Woodpigeon – My Denial in Argyle
28 Royal Wood – Do You Recall
29 Love Is All – Take Your Time
30 Vampire Weekend – I Think Ur A Contra
31 The fires of – Pulse
32 Caribou – Odessa
33 Groove Armada – History
34 CEO – illuminata
35 Jónsi – Animal Arithmetic

Instructions: 1. unpack the zip and drag the .m3u file into your fav media player 2. Rock out

Download: Tom’s best of 2010

pic: The Fires of CD release party at El Mocambo 2010

psst… and for the nostalgic, see also Tom’s best of 2005

The new economics of music publishing


My good friend Graeme recently started a new band with a bunch of his more musically talented friends called the Nobodies. Caught them live last night and they’re pretty awesome. The nobodies just had their first CD professionally produced and mixed.

The great thing, Graeme tells me, about starting a band with seven people in it, is that it’s a lot better deal to produce and put out an album. You can split the whole cost of it seven ways.

Tom’s End of 2009 indie music mix

Nuit Blanche

Just under the wire for 2009, I bring you my last of my 2009 music mixes. As always, this is a sort of autobiographical best-of mix featuring the songs that made the biggest rotation in my itunes since the last 6 months or so when I last published a mix. Some great tunes on here. But not only that, this mix also features redoubtably one the best lyrics of the year “back up – because the laser beam gets so hot”. Who hasn’t always wanted to say that?

Pictured here Air Heart performing at the Gladstone Nuit Blanche 2009. One MC, one DJ and one PS2 voice-amp controller.

Track listing:

1 Port Royal the photoshopped prince
2 You Say Party! We Say Die! Glory
3 Airheart Mr. Lonely
4 fun. All The Pretty Girls
5 The xx Crystalised
6 The Dutchess And The Duke Hands
7 Fresh Espresso The Lazer Beams
8 Washed Out New Theory
9 Hooray for Earth Comfortable, Comparable
10 Memory Tapes Bicycle
11 Headless Heroes North Wind Blew South
12 Taken By Trees To Lose Someone
13 ZAZA Sooner or Later
14 The xx Islands
15 fun. Be Calm
16 Lightning Dust Never Seen
17 You Say Party! We Say Die! Heart of Gold

Note, I downmixed these mp3s slightly to save on file/bandwidth size. If you like em, you should go support the artists by buying the originals in their full glory from itunes/emusic/band-website etc.

but meanwhile, enjoy!

DOWNLOAD as one big-ass zip file of individual files
DOWNLOAD as one single 84 minute mixed-together-fancy mp3 file

This post made possible by: itunes, winamp, emusic,, mixmeister fusion, cool edit, textpad, notepad, google spreadsheets, filezilla, photoshop, firefox and microsoft windows7

It’s back! the 2009 Indie-punk-ass Christmas Mix


Long time readers will know what time of year it is. It’s indie-punk-ass music mix time of the year on!

Here you go kids, this year’s 2009 compilation. Enjoy =)

01 Stars Fairytale Of New York
02 Barenaked Ladies God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
03 Sufjan Stevens Get Behind Me, Santa!
04 Ramones Merry Christmas
05 No doubt Oi to the World
06 sex pistols 12 days of christmas punk
07 the vandals A gun for christmas
08 Eels everything s gonna be cool this christmas
09 Twisted Sister Oh Come All Ye Faithful
10 The Raveonettes The Christmas Song
11 the knife Reindeer
12 bright eyes little drummer boy
13 Saturday Looks Good To Me Christmas Blues
14 Rufus Wainwright Spotlight on Christmas
15 Casiotone for the painfully alone cold white christmas
16 Sufjan Stevens O Holy Night
17 Aimee Mann God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
18 The pippettes white christmas
19 the go team the ice storm
20 The Bicycles It’s A Magic Christmas new for 2009
21 Bob Dylan It must be Santa new for 2009
22 Pogues Fairytale Of New York
23 Yeah yeah yeahs all i want for christmas
24 Tom Waits (bonus track) Silent Night A Christmas Card from a hooker in St Paul

Link: Tom’s 2009 Christmas mix (105MB)

Instructions, unpack the zip file to a directory where you keep your music and load up the .m3u playlist file to your media player of choice.

Of course, the Christmas video of the year has to go to the year’s creepiest santa Bob Dylan:

Honorable mention for new tracks year goes to “Do they know it’s Christmas Time” by just about everyone in indie rock. Not include here because you are supposed to buy it for charityand because I’m not entirely sure it’s a good song but you can judge for yourself.

Announcing Lift@home Toronto and DemoCamp2019 [Location Updated]

Lift@home toronto

ATTENTION NEW VENUE: Canadian Corps Association Hall 201 Niagara Street Toronto

Introducing Lift@Home Toronto and DemoCamp 2019 [ticket link]

LIFT Conference is an international tech conference based out of Geneva, with events in Switzerland, France and Korea. For the first time this year, Toronto has been invited to participate as part of the Lift@Home. Lift is not your usual tech conference in that it tends to mash up web tech with arts with humanism and futurism. Cool stuff

To give this event a special Toronto flavor we’ve teamed up with the Toronto DemoCamp community. But, there’s a catch! We want to see demos only of things you can’t build today. We want to see demos from the near-medium future of 2019. Predict the future one decade out. This is DemoCamp 2019.

Our presenters have a fairly open ended but challenging design brief. We’ve tasked them with imagining a future state of the world, to make a bet on what might happen to the earth, technology, society in the next decade, and then present to you what will be the killer demo in the year 2019. So unlike normal demos, we don’t want to see working code. We want to see stuff that would be impossible or hopelessly impractical today, but could be the killer app in just a decade more.

Each presenter will have a hard limit 12 minutes to present their visionary design, and you the audience will have several minutes to question, to critique and discuss. (But what’s your revenue model?! and so forth…)

There will be a couple special guest presenters as well as 3-4 open slots. There will also be good prizes for the best demo in the open category.

If you, and/or your handpicked team of future-visionary design all-stars would like to sign up to be a presenter contact me for watch for further instructions (application form coming soon).

DATE: November 17th, 2009
TIME: 6:30pm, doors at 6:00pm
VENUE: Drake Hotel Canadian Corps Association

Lift@Home Toronto is being organized by: Francesca Birks, Mark Kuznicki, Michele Perras, Milena Vujanovic and Thomas Purves

What might the Future hold? Inspiration for our presenters

UPDATE: Sign up here if you would like to present!

Resources 19 cities with 20 million people in the 21 century
gap minder Great for extrapolating demographic and economic trends, will the U.S. and English still dominate the web in 2019?
The paleofuture blog (guess what, in 2019 we still won’t have jetpacks)
Climate Change forecasts (google)
Demographics Trends (google)
Globalization Trends (google)

Technological Enabling factors
Ubiquitous connectivity – wireless broadband may be the dominant form of connectivity by 2019
Falling costs of telecom – The long-run cost of bits trends to zero
Moore’s law, It’s hard to underestimate the exponential nature of moore’s law. every 18 months silicon gets by a factor of 2 (choose any combination of) cheaper, faster, half the size, better battery life
A globalized internet – e.g. there are currently 7 new undersea cable projects heading for Africa. People around the world now get a full featured netbook for a few hundred dollars, a mobile phone for much less. They are only getting cheaper
Biotech, civil, chemical, materials, environmental & genetic engineering – What progress will be made, what will advances in these fields enable?

Disabling factors?
Environmental decay
The cost of energy
The cost of green energy
Global conflict
Death of Journalism
Economic stagnation
Religion, fundamentalism, homeopathy, or other anti-science superstitions

Context – What is possible in a decade?
How far we’ve come, Killer Products/demos of 1999:
– Napster launches
– The first candy-colored apple iBook is introduced (“the first laptop for ordinary people” says Apple)
– Blogger, livejournal launched (the seeds of web 2.0)
– Online banking starts to go mainstream
– MSN Messenger launches
– Internet explorer 5
– IEEE proposes new wireless standard called 802.11b aka “wifi”
– Intel Pentium III reaches 10 million transistors in a desktop CPU (fyi: in 2009 intel announces chips with 3 billion transistors)
– GM cancels the EV1 setting back electric car development for a decade
– George Bush announces he will run for nomination for the Republican Party

New best-of indie podcast up Summer of 09

Rock show in Austin
It’s been toooo long since the last time I posted a real mix. What was once a once a quarter thing is now sadly stretched out to once every nine months or so. So my apologies that half these tracks didn’t have a release date anything like “summer 09”. Originally this was going to be the spring mix or previously the winter mix…

Nonetheless here’s the list of tracks and bands that have been piling up in my OMG great track, I gotta podcast this folder in iTunes. Consider this my autobiographical best-of music mix for 2009 so far:


Here’s the download link: In one big-ass 76MB zip file

If I’m organized enough I’ll also post the mixed-together streaming/podcast version for any of you still out there who subscribe to my podcast rss.

A musical birthday present to you

Dingo lampshade solidarity portrait 2009

Thanks for all the facebook birthday love! I was overawed by so many taking the time to say happy birthday. Yay for social media. Here is my return present to you! Pirate radio free dingo is now live, streaming the very best of 33 years and one half dog years. By limited engagement through to Saturday night. 200 tracks curated so far and counting. Imagine these coneheads broadcasting direct to your heart by pirate satellite.

If anyone is curious I can post later a how-to on how to convert an iTunes playlist to a live streaming radio station. (At least the way I eventually figured it out) there’s a few steps to the process.

Recently played (or reload page for updates):

Next up? tune in to find out…

Click on this link to listen:

New 2008 indie punk-ass xmas mix is up!

It’s back! My (in)famous indie punk-ass Christmas mix for 2008. This is the 3rd year running and last year’s mix nearly blew out a year’s worth of bandwidth allocation, but here we go again. Because sometimes ordinary Christmas Carols just won’t do.

This year’s mix is an update from last year with some of your old favourites and a couple new 2008 tracks mixed in. First of the additions we have the new Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Christmas song as well as a nice Barenaked Ladies version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. But then if the BNL isn’t quite high enough on your punk-ass o’meter I’ve balanced that off with Oh Come All Ye Faithful by … wait for it … Twisted Sister — OH GOD YES.

01 Stars Fairytale Of New York
02 Barenaked Ladies God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
03 Sufjan Stevens Get Behind Me, Santa!
04 Ramones Merry Christmas
05 No doubt Oi to the World
06 sex pistols 12 days of christmas punk
07 the vandals A gun for christmas
08 Eels everything s gonna be cool this christmas
09 Twisted Sister Oh Come All Ye Faithful
10 The Raveonettes The Christmas Song
11 the knife Reindeer
12 bright eyes little drummer boy
13 Saturday Looks Good To Me Christmas Blues
14 Rufus Wainwright Spotlight on Christmas
15 Casiotone for the painfully alone cold white christmas
16 Sufjan Stevens O Holy Night
17 Aimee Mann God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
18 The pippettes white christmas
19 the go team the ice storm
20 Pogues Fairytale Of New York
21 Yeah yeah yeahs all i want for christmas
22 Tom Waits (bonus track) Silent Night A Christmas Card from a hooker in St Paul


Grab the big giant zip file (93MB) here, download, import the included playlist file to itunes (or whatever your music program) to get all the songs in the right order and burn to CD and or listen away. Should *just* fit on an 80min CDR.


UPDATE: 7am Dec 22. Well that didn’t take long, bandwidth exceeded on server #1, give me an hour or two to set up some more bandwidth. BTW. Anyone else got a mirror they would like to lend for a few days?

UPDATE2: 2:14pm Dec 22 Alright you rapacious revelers found a new mirror for the file. go at it.
Meanwhile tonight’s project: learn how to make and host a torrent (any tips?)

UPDATE3: 9:35am Dec23 That twisted sister rendition? The internets have just informed me that there is a video… 🙂 🙂

Summer/Fall 2008 Music Mix is up!

Oddly they were pretty awesome

After kicking around on my iPod for a while, I’ve finally found the time to package and upload this mix to the site. The last mix was in spring, so this one covers all the essential indie-awesomeness I’ve been listening to in the meantime. As it happens, the last one was pretty funky/electo while this one kicks off with a way more retro bluesy/old-school styled indie (good stuff)… but watch for some special dancier bits in the center. For best effect, listen in sequence.

I used to call these mixes “podcasts”, until I accidentally deleted my podcast page a while back. I’ll have work on that.

Here’s the track list:t

1. Dr. Dog – Hang On
2. Human Highway – The Sound
3. Delta Spirit – People C’mon
4. Chinese Food – Test Pilot
5. Mates of State – Get Better
6. Girl Talk – Play Your Part (Pt. 1)
7. Deastro – Light Powered
8. You Say Party! We Say Die! – Opportunity
9. TV on the Radio – Dancing Choose
10. Maybe It’s Reno – Gravestones and Christmas Trees
11. Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal
12. The National – You’ve Done It Again, Virginia
13. Mirah – Dreamboat
14. Shearwater – Rooks
15. Okkervil River – Lost Coastlines
16. Wolf Parade – Call It A Ritual


Link: Download as one big zip file
Link: Play as one long mp3 file (coming shortly)

Pic: Chinese Food playing Kensinton Market NXNE08 where they gave me a CD for free =)

Greg Gillis’ Girl Talk kicks music in the ass

Girl Talk Toronto Spin Gallery
Girl Talk Toronto Spin Gallery 2

At the $5-or-more level, buyers can choose to download the album in [DRM-free] MP3 or FLAC format, the latter being exact copies of the original source files without compression. Also included is a single MP3 file featuring the music without track breaks. Link Moar


mp3 or flac?


flac is for wankers



Audio compression algorithms work by taking out extraneous data (likemicroseconds of silence) from the raw source data file reducing the total file size. Lossless algorithms like FLAC or winzip for that matter, studiously make sure that all of the original meaning down to the last bit can be recovered. MP3 goes further by also taking out, unrecoverably, some extra data from parts of the sound file that the human ear can’t actually hear resulting in substantially further file size reduction. For really low-bitrate mp3 compression (like 128bit or less) the algorithm is starting to take out some parts of the sound that the human ear can tell the difference, just a little bit.

Essentially however, the differences between good high-bit-rate mp3 (like 192bit VBR) and completely lossless compression like FLAC are largely imaginary.

Not that true-blood audiophiles aren’t willing to pay gobs of money all the time for imaginary sound differences all the time.

These people are wankers.

mp3 is also more widely supported by every media player everywhere. FLAC not so much.


whodathunk. damn it’s really hard to decide which track to send. they’re all really really good!!


OMG holy crap ya!

Why has this turned into a music blog all of a sudden? I dunno, but file under Girl Talk Doesn’t need bill C-61 to rock you.

Now go download the crap out of this album
. And pay for it.

Ironic for what’s basically a hyperkinetic schizophrenic cyclone mashup of past factory-produced hits in a nuclear blender of awesome, this album is both 100% the future of music… and a future that is wide OPEN.

Girl Talk is a two-fer another example of alternative (PWYC) business model that will probably be wildly successful. And of course, he’s long been the poster child of fair-use in mashups and sampling.

Photos: Greg Gillis / Girl Talk live at Spin Gallery in 2006. Moar.

How to support real (music) artists with or without “strong” copyright reform

copy left

  1. Don’t buy DRM infected media. This includes CDs, DVDs, protected iTunes files, Microsoft Plays for sure (which by the way, usually doesn’t). DRM is a pain in the ass, you don’t need it and if Canada’s new legislation passes unamended, by accepting DRM you effectively void any privileges of how, when and where you might access your media unless explicitly authorized by the rights holder (effectively you do not own any media if it’s DRM infected).
  2. Do pay for music.
  3. Buy digital music in un-encrypted formats e.g. mp3, flac. With these formats all your the fair-dealings (called fair use in the US) allowances apply including time-shifting, format-shifting, being able to play it in more than one device etc.

  4. Go to shows
  5. Even in the hey-days of the CD, many bands still made all their income from touring and t-shirts rather the pittance of CD royalties. Buy tickets, go to shows and it’s a great way to discover new bands too.

  6. Buy the merch At the show buy something from the merch table. Buy anything: a tshirt, a record etc. Typically the band will be getting 100% of your money when you buy something at a show.
  7. Buy Analog media if you enjoy the pleasure of owning a physical artifact of your favourite albums, buy the vinyl! More fun to play, they sound great and vinyl is making a huge comeback. You can’t digitally encrypt analog media either.
  8. Buy indie not major labels the indies aren’t suing anybody, and for the most part, the music is better anyway

photo by pwac

Spring 2008 Indie Music Podcast

It’s been far too long since I last uploaded a new music podcast but here at last is my long-awaited spring 08 catch-up mix. If you are new here though, you should know that a quarterly music dump of indie and discovered music is an old tradition on

Now, of these tracks, many probably have or have heard a lot of them by now, something to do with indie going more mainstream or more mainstream going indie. But for those who asking for music tips, I hope there’s a few surprises in here for you.

I really like this mix though it’s a good combination of bands I’ve been listening to the last few (ok several) months. It’s a little more upbeat and electro too than the last few mixes which were getting a little bit sleepy in parts.

This is a preview, still working on the mixed together version to actually slip into the postcast feed. But not to wait any longer, you can get it as one big download.

1	Kara Keith		Kick This City
2	Vampire Weekend		M79
3	Plants And Animals	Bye Bye Bye
4	Glass Candy		Beatific
5	Crystal Castles		Air War
6	The Teenagers		Homecoming
7	Black Kids		I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend 
				How To Dance With You
8	Cut Copy		Feel The Love
9	Bon Iver		Skinny Love
10	The Mountain Goats	Sax Rohmer #1
11	The Acorn		Crooked Legs
12	Wintersleep		Weighty Ghost
13	Tokyo Police Club	In A Cave
14	Lightning Dust		Listened On
15	Times New Viking	DROP-OUT
16	Los Campesinos!		Death To Los Campesinos!
17	The Chromatics		Night Drive
18	The Go Find		Dictionary
19	Crystal Castles		Untrust Us
20	Vampire Weekend		A-Punk

Right now the set is right here as one big zip file (100MB so have patience). There’s a playlist file in there and the tunes are numbered in the most optimal sequence.


Goodbye DRM, you won’t be missed

The slow death of digital rights” – The Economist

Radioheads success is just the latest signal that DRM is dying a welcomed if unanticipated early demise.

iTunes Plus DRM-free tracks expanding, dropping to 99 cents” – Ars Technica

There’s now no reason to buy any other kind of music. I just thought I’d point this out.

And of course, there’s always been eMusic who’s been selling flat rate drm-free indie music for the better part of a decade now.

Highdef and DRM-free TV and movie distribution is only a matter of time.

Summer 07 Podcast is up

It’s been 5 months since the last one, but here it is my latest seasonal indie music mix. All the best bands that have made an impact on me from March to August of this year. Refresh your iTunes subscription, or just download and listen from the links below. Enjoy!

#7 Tom’s Best of Summer 2007
Click on this thingy to play it:

Or try these download options:

Track List:

01 The Russian Futurists Let’s Get Ready To Crumble 2:56
02 Caribou Melody Day 4:13
03 Spoon The Underdog 3:42
04 Handsome Furs What We Had 3:56
05 Pela Lost To The Lonesome 3:12
06 Los Campesinos! We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives 2:19
07 Lesbians On Ecstasy Mortified 3:27
08 Immaculate Machine C’mon Sea Legs 4:02
09 Andrew Bird Plasticities 4:27
10 Blonde Redhead Silently 3:57
11 The National Fake Empire 3:27
12 The Good, The Bad & The Queen Herculean 3:59
13 Stars The Night Starts Here 4:53
14 Feist I Feel It All 3:39
15 The Choir Practice Red Fox 2:08

How to subscribe to my podcast
Go in to Itunes, select Advanced –> Subscribe to Podcast then paste in this secret address:


Stars’ new album comes out on CD in September, but is available now legally, cheaply and for DRM-free digital download at the arts-and-crafts store $11.86CAD / 10.98 USD / 5.54 GBP / 8.87EUR and just today from only $8.88CAD and cheap if you have a subscription, or free if you don’t. [hint: run don’t walk. so to speak.]

Dashed hopes of jetpacks notwithstanding – isn’t living in the future grand?

Down with CDs.

Did I ever mention Stars is the best Canadian band in the history of ever?

p.s. I am working on another seasonal podcast. honest. Stars will be on it.