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Michele shared with me this great thought about design. That the way to evaluate a designed object was not by how good it is, but only by how bad it was or wasn’t. In this case a cell phone. The proper way to think of whether your mobile suits you is this simple metric: how many times a day / a week do you feel the urge to smash it with a hammer?

In today’s world of ever more complex designed technology (and associated fragility) a good or successful object might be defined as one you only feel such hammercidal tendencies some of the time.


I’ve long had (since I was young, and trying to keep up with “smart” kids in class) similar suspicion about the definition of human intelligence. There’s really no such thing as a perfectly smart. The term really doesn’t even make sense. It’s more a matter of failing to be particularly dumb with any notable regularity. It seems to me that all of us people are just not dumb (or not unreasonably slow) with varying degrees of success and consistency. How many hammers per day are you?

photo credit: GoodbyePolaroid