A musical birthday present to you

Dingo lampshade solidarity portrait 2009

Thanks for all the facebook birthday love! I was overawed by so many taking the time to say happy birthday. Yay for social media. Here is my return present to you! Pirate radio free dingo is now live, streaming the very best of 33 years and one half dog years. By limited engagement through to Saturday night. 200 tracks curated so far and counting. Imagine these coneheads broadcasting direct to your heart by pirate satellite.

If anyone is curious I can post later a how-to on how to convert an iTunes playlist to a live streaming radio station. (At least the way I eventually figured it out) there’s a few steps to the process.

Recently played (or reload page for updates):

Next up? tune in to find out…

Click on this link to listen: http://bluedog.wavestreamer.com:9155/listen.pls
or http://public.wavepanel.net/CG68ERU7VH5QPBEG/listen/m3u