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Dead media watch: the web is dead

Somewhere on a dusty shelf or storage box, I have this old issue of Wire Volume One two containing the strident prediction: “Tired: lynx, Wired: Mosaic”. Lynx is/was a text-only terminal app used for navigating a relatively obscure hypertext protocol, … Continue reading

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The G-phone stirreth

Google said to be shipping 50,000 Gphones by year’s end. A UBS analyst is rumored to have information that HTC, a Taiwanese handset manufacturer, will ship about 50,000 cell phones made for Google by the end of the year. “These … Continue reading

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Hold on to your dollars

The Canadian Dollar reached parity with the U.S. Greenback yesterday. In on honour of this auspicious day, I thought I’d see how translates for far for tech consumers out there. Comparing prices at and Remember 1CAD = 1USD. … Continue reading

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