Hold on to your dollars

The Canadian Dollar reached parity with the U.S. Greenback yesterday. In on honour of this auspicious day, I thought I’d see how translates for far for tech consumers out there. Comparing prices at Apple.ca and Apple.com. Remember 1CAD = 1USD.

  CAD USD Premium
iPod Touch 329 299 10.0%
iPod Nano 169 149 13.4%
MacBook 1249 1099 13.6%
MacBookPro 2199 1999 10.0%
iMac 1399 1199 7%
iPhone *sigh* 399 Infinity

UPDATE: Given the recent strength in the Loonie has as much to do with a free-falling Dollar, you might imagine that Apple will be as apt to raise their US prices on future products rather than drop prices in Canada. So head south and bargain-shop while you can?

As Lars suggest, keep an eye on the greasy Big Mac to get a sense of how/if cross-border prices will converge.