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Presentation: Design for an Augment Reality world

For posterity here is the slideshare version of my Augmented Reality talk, which I presented for the first time at Refresh Events in Toronto. As a first cut, this presentation represented more of a shotgun scattershot rather than a linearly coherent narrative of the various thoughts on this topic currently spinning in my head my these days.

For background this was the talk proposal. I think I got to most of this stuff.

How “Augmented Reality” and the mobile web changes everything

Mobile broadband access and ever-smarter phones are shaking the internet out its lofty cloud and bringing the web into the real world. As a result, the old “real world”, and many old ideas and many old business models will be running out of places to hide from the pervasive influence of the net.

Meanwhile, each of our smart phones are in many ways even better than the old clunky tools we used to use to surf the net. Our mobile devices are not only connected but, also bristling with sensors like radios, cameras, microphones, GPS etc. that can directly perceive and interact with the world around you. We’re reaching a point where it’s theoretically possible to point that device at almost anything: a landmark, a product on a store shelf, your friends or a crowd of people; and draw from the cloud and your social graph as much, or perhaps more, relevant information than you ever wanted to know. Oh, and the cloud will be watching you and whatever’s around you as well.

In the new augmented reality, the web surfs you.

The goal of this talk will be to provide you with a fast paced overview of what this new “augmented” reality will mean for how we socialize, for how we sell and market physical products, for architecture, for media and entertainment, for public policy, crime, privacy and, as well, few early signals for what might be the new killer apps.

If all that is not interesting enough, I will also bring free beer.

How did it go? I think it went well! thanks for all the wonderful twitter feedback. 100+ tweets and counting =)

wrongbutton @tpurves fantastic presentation! very thought-provoking. especially enjoyed social AR consideration and the notion of layering data sets

BrianSe7en @tpurves great job on the AR deck! somebody who “gets it”.. yeah!

danielpatricio @tpurves Great job on the presentation, it really inspired me and got me thinking. there is a lot of potential in our future

randymatheson @tpurves – inspiring presentation on Augmented Reality tonight at #refreshevents , a balanced look at what is coming in the next few years

sebchorney @tpurves Great job. Real value for me was the “example->implication” flow, and high-level summations/analyses/insights in your tables.

D_Hock Great #RefreshEvents tonight – seeing the crowd engaged by @tpurves‘ talk was truly fascinating.

malcolmbastien @tpurves Awesome talk. It’s clear you know your stuff and have done some deep thinking of its broad impacts.

nitchblog Amazing debate to end the night. Great discussions that brought us around the world and back! Thanks to @jkozuch + @tpurves #refreshevents

davefleet @tpurves is wielding a NFC phone. Love the potential with that technology #refreshevents

pinkbrickroad @tpurves so interesting/funny. Future is crazy. #refreshevents

josephdee @tpurves presentation has been kick-ass so far. Peeks into the future of mobile experience, which is making me grin : ) #refreshevents

AdamSchwabe I love hearing @tpurves talk tech. So intelligent and focused. Fast, well-read. #RefreshEvents

I look forward to presenting again the next revision. Contact or DM me if you’d like me to lead/present this discussion at a future event. Meanwhile enjoy:

Link: Audio track of my presentation (video coming they say)

Addictive: Volvo Ocean Race Game

Puma Ocean Racing

Friends and I are having an inordinate amount of fun playing a virtual sailing race these last few days. Great little flash app lets armchair sailors race along through the same course and weather as the round the world Volvo Ocean Race. Leg one is from the Mediterranean to Cape Town. As a game it’s fun, it’s social and the sailing characteristics of the boats is even reasonably realistic. As a business model the game is pretty clever too, it greatly helps to promote the real race and it’s sponsors and keep fans engaged (engrossed really) for days/weeks on end as the game progresses. The developers also make money by selling small premium features like specialized sails and such.

The virtual race is just like as pictured above (current race leaders Puma Ocean Racing) but with fewer crashing waves of salt water down your pants. And you don’t have to eat freeze dried food for four months. Unless you really want to try and simulate these aspects at home.

So far there are about 20,000 other virtual sailors playing from around the world (a huge hit considering this is sailing we are talking about). New sailors can join in the race any time, you’ll be dropped in the middle of the pack. Recommended. =)

Flash applications have come a long way baby.

My boat is “Spork”, add me to your in-game buddy list.

link: volvo ocean race game

Microsoft, failing to own the main internet, may try to buy a new one

From Scoble today: Why Microsoft will buy Facebook and keep it closed

That Microsoft will buy Yahoo’s search and then buy Facebook for $15 to $20 billion. Add that to all the news that Microsoft is buying Yahoo’s search and that gets very interesting…

[Facebook] can’t be seen if you don’t have a Facebook account. It’s NOT open to the public Web. Google’s spiders CAN NOT REACH IT…

Google is locked out of the Web that soon will be owned by Microsoft. We will never get an open Web back if these two deals happen.

This has created HUGE value for Microsoft and has handed Steve Ballmer an Internet strategy which brings Microsoft from last place to first in less than a week.


Now Microsoft/Yahoo search will have access to HUGE SWATHS of Internet info that Google will NOT have access to.

Data and social graph portability is dead on arrival.Microsoft just bought itself a search strategy that sure looks like a winner to me.”

This is a monster of an idea. Out of desperation you could see MSFT going for it. They have far more cash than is healthy for any company to be sitting on. They’ve failed pretty spectacularly at owning the consumer internet like they own(ed) the deskgtop. When it comes to consumer-facing services, in recent years Google and just about any other startup (facebook included) have walked circles around microsoft, seemingly with a fraction of the effort.

So much so that sending 15-20B to buy a big chunck of the future social web is actually cheaper or more efficient than Microfts efforts to build anything equivalent themselves. But there’s a few ways this strategy could go wrong. Mostly related to putting a lot of eggs in one basket.

facebook has to continue to stay relevant in the social web. Something else could come along.

facebook has to grow up and offer an environment catered to a broader demographic, especially in the US.

MSFT has to not sit on facebook for 5 years with no enhancements while they work on the fabulously overwrought vista of facebooks…. Can you hold your breath for Windows Live BookFacePoint 2013 Ultra Edition?