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Is this the future look of augmented reality?

I have this vision of nerds everywhere staggering around the city with big slates in front of their faces only seeing the world through shared web tablet camera experiences. I’m guilty of looking something like this in public myself, even … Continue reading

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Presentation: Design for an Augment Reality world

For posterity here is the slideshare version of my Augmented Reality talk, which I presented for the first time at Refresh Events in Toronto. As a first cut, this presentation represented more of a shotgun scattershot rather than a linearly … Continue reading

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The future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed yet

I love that little inventions like the internets were invented nearly 30 years ago and yet we’re still figuring out, and still will continue to figure out wonderful things to do with them. The distribution is here, the future just … Continue reading

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