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How to support real (music) artists with or without “strong” copyright reform

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  1. Don’t buy DRM infected media. This includes CDs, DVDs, protected iTunes files, Microsoft Plays for sure (which by the way, usually doesn’t). DRM is a pain in the ass, you don’t need it and if Canada’s new legislation passes unamended, by accepting DRM you effectively void any privileges of how, when and where you might access your media unless explicitly authorized by the rights holder (effectively you do not own any media if it’s DRM infected).
  2. Do pay for music.
  3. Buy digital music in un-encrypted formats e.g. mp3, flac. With these formats all your the fair-dealings (called fair use in the US) allowances apply including time-shifting, format-shifting, being able to play it in more than one device etc.

  4. Go to shows
  5. Even in the hey-days of the CD, many bands still made all their income from touring and t-shirts rather the pittance of CD royalties. Buy tickets, go to shows and it’s a great way to discover new bands too.

  6. Buy the merch At the show buy something from the merch table. Buy anything: a tshirt, a record etc. Typically the band will be getting 100% of your money when you buy something at a show.
  7. Buy Analog media if you enjoy the pleasure of owning a physical artifact of your favourite albums, buy the vinyl! More fun to play, they sound great and vinyl is making a huge comeback. You can’t digitally encrypt analog media either.
  8. Buy indie not major labels the indies aren’t suing anybody, and for the most part, the music is better anyway

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Goodbye DRM, you won’t be missed

The slow death of digital rights” – The Economist

Radioheads success is just the latest signal that DRM is dying a welcomed if unanticipated early demise.

iTunes Plus DRM-free tracks expanding, dropping to 99 cents” – Ars Technica

There’s now no reason to buy any other kind of music. I just thought I’d point this out.

And of course, there’s always been eMusic who’s been selling flat rate drm-free indie music for the better part of a decade now.

Highdef and DRM-free TV and movie distribution is only a matter of time.