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How wireless and mobility is changing architecture

The fact that people are no longer tied to specific places for functions such as studying or learning, says Mr Mitchell, means that there is “a huge drop in demand for traditional, private, enclosed spaces” such as offices or classrooms, … Continue reading

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“…it’s critical to remember that these changes were happening for the first time ever, accelerating human life into the modern age at a pace that barely allowed time to gain vantage on the present before hurtling into the future, all the while changing the expectations of what that future might hold.”

In case you missed it, this is from a great post last week by Michele on the reaction of artists, crafts people and designers to the disoriented changes in, wait for it, Victorian england as spurred by the industrial revolution. … Continue reading

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“Some people tell me it is a beautiful shape, but I cannot tell this because I am an engineer.” – Gábor Domokos

Ha, a quote that seems to explain a lot about this world? 1. How many the things that surround us may work, but are not beautiful. 2. And the corollary, why some things that are beautiful don’t seem to work? … Continue reading

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