Enterprise 2.0, two years in

About 2 years ago I started to think and work on an idea called Enterprise2.0. It felt to me at the time that changes that were just beginning to change the consumer internet at the time were really only the cusp of something bigger. That the more human, coperative and cloud based tools of “social” media would and could see there most transformative effects on the way we work and the way organizations from small to big and even at the enterprise scale are destined to evolve (seemlingly to me, the bigger the bureaucracy the more dire the need). A lot of this thinking (and pretty lofty goals) are what went into the firestoker project which Jevon Macdonald and I were working on.

Here’s a presentation I gave to introde an EnterpriseCamp and the idea of Enterprise 2.0 back in November of 2006. Looking back on it, the deck still feels surprisingly precient (and I’m noticing continues to get a fair bit of attention over at slideshare.net).

It’s been 18 months now and the world has evolved rapidly. And yet I still feel there is a long way to go. Back in 2006, I asked ended with a series of questions, do you think we are closer answering them yet?

    But we’re only at the Beginning

  1. What will these new tools look like?
  2. What new problems will they create?
  3. How do we teach new work behavior?
  4. What about resistance to change?
  5. Which industries will be the first to embrace change?
  6. Which will fall behind?