Spring 2008 Indie Music Podcast

It’s been far too long since I last uploaded a new music podcast but here at last is my long-awaited spring 08 catch-up mix. If you are new here though, you should know that a quarterly music dump of indie and discovered music is an old tradition on thomaspurves.com

Now, of these tracks, many probably have or have heard a lot of them by now, something to do with indie going more mainstream or more mainstream going indie. But for those who asking for music tips, I hope there’s a few surprises in here for you.

I really like this mix though it’s a good combination of bands I’ve been listening to the last few (ok several) months. It’s a little more upbeat and electro too than the last few mixes which were getting a little bit sleepy in parts.

This is a preview, still working on the mixed together version to actually slip into the postcast feed. But not to wait any longer, you can get it as one big download.

1	Kara Keith		Kick This City
2	Vampire Weekend		M79
3	Plants And Animals	Bye Bye Bye
4	Glass Candy		Beatific
5	Crystal Castles		Air War
6	The Teenagers		Homecoming
7	Black Kids		I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend 
				How To Dance With You
8	Cut Copy		Feel The Love
9	Bon Iver		Skinny Love
10	The Mountain Goats	Sax Rohmer #1
11	The Acorn		Crooked Legs
12	Wintersleep		Weighty Ghost
13	Tokyo Police Club	In A Cave
14	Lightning Dust		Listened On
15	Times New Viking	DROP-OUT
16	Los Campesinos!		Death To Los Campesinos!
17	The Chromatics		Night Drive
18	The Go Find		Dictionary
19	Crystal Castles		Untrust Us
20	Vampire Weekend		A-Punk

Right now the set is right here as one big zip file (100MB so have patience). There’s a playlist file in there and the tunes are numbered in the most optimal sequence.