The Other problem with iPhone pricing in Canada

We all know about Canadian carrier’s traditionally egregious mobile rates. Well an encouraging story in the Globe today suggests that Apple itself may force Roger’s hand when/if/finally our local GSM giant comes to offer the svelte device in Canada. Word is apple will insist that Rogers offer the iPhone with some sort/any of data plan to the device at least a little more useful than a mobile tea coaster for your Tim Hortons steeped.

HOWEVER the one remaining pricing problem that Rogers could themselves get screwed with is the price of the device itself.

When we last looked, Apple’s stores in Canada still had not updated their Canadian prices to reflect parity with the US dollar. And since then that crazy looney has gone up again (hitting 1.08 today). Meaning apple kit that was 10-12% overpriced in Canada is now 20% overpriced and if you count that you might get away without paying GST if you pick one up south of the border… apple stuff is now about 25% too high in Canada. That’s nuts.

In the US, iPhones are 399. How ready are you to pay a hundred bucks extra in Canada?

(Of course a hundred bucks is just a hundred bucks, the situation is a lot worse if you were itching to buy a macbook pro, or 30″ cinema display or something – like DON’T)