The best new music you won’t hear on the radio

I wrote earlier about distribution being King when it comes to media. So here is my attempt, quixotic though it may be to try and see what one little blog can try and do to stem the tide against the dreadfulness of mainstream music. Here it is, my compilation of the best damn rockandroll songs of the year so far.

Background: Back in January, as every year, I put together my annual best of the year in indie music list. However, rather than distribute by CD I thought this year I just post the mix as one big file to this then nacent website and send out the “secret link” to a dozen or so close friends… Well, surprised be me, checking on my web stats the other day I noticed that file has now been downloaded over 500 times. Damn, maybe there’s hope. So I resolved from now on, every time a make a compilation (every few month or so), I’ll post it up as a podcast format and publish the link on my site. (ps if you want a link to the bestof05 collection just send me an email)

Okay, here is the track listing if you are trying to follow along. (I’ll also post this to a separate page on my site later for safekeeping)

Artist Song Time Available
Joel Plaskett A Million Dollars 0:00
Saturday Looks Good To Me Disaster 3:30
Mates Of State Punchlines 7:00
Love Is All Make Out Fall Out Make Up 10:45
Islands Rough Gem 13:30
Band Of Horses The Funeral 17:00
Amy Millan Bruised Ghosts 22:15 ACstore
Neko Case A Widow’s Toast 24:15
Cat Power The Greatest 25:45
Howe Gelb But I Did Not 29:00
Final Fantasy This lamb sells condos 33:15
Meligrove Band Our Love Will Make The World Go Round 37:45

(and I know, there’s probably a few important bands I’ve missed, they’ll just have to catch up in the summer mix)

Link to the podcast (in itunes click Advanced–>”subscribe to podcast” then paste in this url):

Or if you’d rather go low-tech download the mix as one big mp3 file and burn it to CD or something.


[note many of these songs are available (and I bought from) eMusic. recommended]

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