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Could the recent concession on interchange actually be a boon the card networks?

2w • There’s a way of thinking about the job that interchange fees actually are. The bulk of interchange fees flow back to cardholders in the form of rewards (particularly points or cashback on purchases) as well as general card … Continue reading

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How AI will reshape product teams in 2024

2. New tooling – I love tools like and Gong that can do remarkable jobs of transcribing and annotating live internal or customer sales/service conversations, and then turning those into collaborative assets for actionable insights and roadmap ideas. New … Continue reading

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How do you get Big Banks to integrate your SaaS product faster?

Signing big customers is hard enough, but it’s only half the battle. There’s an adage in fintech startups – banks can take longer than you can stay solvent. Especially in the current market. I’ve built SaaS products that could take … Continue reading

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