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Are you backing up your twitter history?

Figure A: Typical Twitter experience /artist’s impression Scoble has a great rant up today on twitter’s failing as a platform. This is similar to Jevon’s epic (and correct) rant on why you shouldn’t build a business on Facebook… or otherwise … Continue reading

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http://twitter.com/newyork taken http://twitter.com/losangeles taken http://twitter.com/tokyo taken http://twitter.com/calgary available http://twitter.com/sex taken http://twitter.com/sexy taken http://twitter.com/sexkitten taken http://twitter.com/women available http://twitter.com/men taken http://twitter.com/hotgaynerds available http://twitter.com/snowfurbikinibabes available http://twitter.com/sports taken http://twitter.com/cycling taken http://twitter.com/football taken http://twitter.com/rockpapersisors available http://twitter.com/business taken http://twitter.com/pleasure available http://twitter.com/microsoft taken http://twitter.com/cornflakes taken http://twitter.com/IBM taken … Continue reading

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Facebook vs Twitter as latest refuge of the nerds

Mark Evans writes that he’s almost done with facebook. He’s not the first or the last to grumble about the blue book (see my post for example on “attention viruses”: Facebook Fatigue, it’s Spreading?. As Mark says, is the facebook … Continue reading

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