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Tom’s Best of 2010 indie music mix

Graeme and the fires of This is what happens I fail to publish my “seasonal” podcast mix, the list I keep in iTunes just gets longer and longer. With a little time over the holidays and the clock on 2010 having officially run out… I present you with Tom’s best of (mostly) indie 2010 mix. As usual the list makes no claim to the canonical, more rather it’s autobiographical. Your mileage could well have varied, but these are my top songs of the year.

Track listing. To be clear: In suggested playlist order as opposed to any particular “top-tennish” sequencishness.

01 Jónsi – Go do
02 CEO – white magic
03 Crystal Castles – Baptism
04 Daft Punk – Derezzed
05 We Love – Hide Me
06 Delorean – Real Love
07 Active Child – I’m In Your Church At Night
08 Diamond Rings – Something Else
09 Groove Armada – Paper Romance
10 Broken Bells – The High Road
11 Brasstronaut – Slow Knots
12 How To Dress Well – Ready For The World
13 Agnes Obel – Riverside
14 Stornoway – Zorbing
15 Mountain Man – Sewee Sewee
16 The Tallest Man On Earth – The Wild Hunt
17 Shearwater – Black Eyes
18 Active Child – Wilderness
19 Ratatat – Alps
20 Stars – We Don’t Want Your Body
21 The Guest Bedroom – Curses
22 Stornoway – Boats And Trains
23 The Mountains & The Trees – More & More & More
24 The Sadies – Another Year Again
25 Zeus – Marching Through Your Head
26 Brasstronaut – Hearts Trompet
27 Woodpigeon – My Denial in Argyle
28 Royal Wood – Do You Recall
29 Love Is All – Take Your Time
30 Vampire Weekend – I Think Ur A Contra
31 The fires of – Pulse
32 Caribou – Odessa
33 Groove Armada – History
34 CEO – illuminata
35 Jónsi – Animal Arithmetic

Instructions: 1. unpack the zip and drag the .m3u file into your fav media player 2. Rock out

Download: Tom’s best of 2010

pic: The Fires of CD release party at El Mocambo 2010

psst… and for the nostalgic, see also Tom’s best of 2005

New best-of indie podcast up Summer of 09

Rock show in Austin
It’s been toooo long since the last time I posted a real mix. What was once a once a quarter thing is now sadly stretched out to once every nine months or so. So my apologies that half these tracks didn’t have a release date anything like “summer 09”. Originally this was going to be the spring mix or previously the winter mix…

Nonetheless here’s the list of tracks and bands that have been piling up in my OMG great track, I gotta podcast this folder in iTunes. Consider this my autobiographical best-of music mix for 2009 so far:


Here’s the download link: In one big-ass 76MB zip file

If I’m organized enough I’ll also post the mixed-together streaming/podcast version for any of you still out there who subscribe to my podcast rss.