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If Steve Jobs voodoo hypnotizes me into buying a new macbook that runs on air AND a new Rogers iPhone, on the same day, I’m going to be pissed.

Macworld is tomorrow. This is when this year’s new Apple stuff gets announced. And, as usual, the fanbois are completely a-flutter with techno-salacious hype and bluster. Not only is a mac ultraportable on rumour but also [could it be true?] a Rogers iPhone too.
And, if not, some third product, like the future of all human happyness distilled to some impossibly cute white and silver box, shipping now, only $499.

It just so happens unfortunately that I actually need a new portable, and, my trusty but rather ancient Nokia is in need of an upgrade (and, let’s be honest, it was in my hand last saturday but I haven’t seen it for a week).

However, if there’s one universal about macworld, it’s that for each Apple product that is any good, the pre-hype and over-frothing speculation is at LEAST twice as much, so maybe, in the end, my poor Visa come off only half so bad. What are the chances?