Visa Debit rolls out in Canada

This is a project I’ve been working on and involved with in one capacity or another for a long time, including building the first business case and running the product development for CIBC as far back as 2005.

More on the launch of Visa Debit in Canada:

Toronto Star: CIBC rolls out Canada’s first Visa-branded debit card
National Post: CIBC Visa debit card arrives

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3 Responses to Visa Debit rolls out in Canada

  1. Schultzter says:

    So, based on the Visa Debit in Canada website this only works when you pay over the phone, online, or by mail! Or when travelling overseas. But not when buying stuff in a store (you use Interac for that).

    Like a credit card.

    I’m not sure I get it.

  2. insane spaghetti says:

    Every time I’ve used this card to pay at merchants that only accept debit, they look like they’re being trojan-horsed into accepting something they don’t like. Hence the reaction.

    Visa Under Fire for It’s New Debit Card

  3. Anonymous says:

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