Tom’s End of 2009 indie music mix

Nuit Blanche

Just under the wire for 2009, I bring you my last of my 2009 music mixes. As always, this is a sort of autobiographical best-of mix featuring the songs that made the biggest rotation in my itunes since the last 6 months or so when I last published a mix. Some great tunes on here. But not only that, this mix also features redoubtably one the best lyrics of the year “back up – because the laser beam gets so hot”. Who hasn’t always wanted to say that?

Pictured here Air Heart performing at the Gladstone Nuit Blanche 2009. One MC, one DJ and one PS2 voice-amp controller.

Track listing:

1 Port Royal the photoshopped prince
2 You Say Party! We Say Die! Glory
3 Airheart Mr. Lonely
4 fun. All The Pretty Girls
5 The xx Crystalised
6 The Dutchess And The Duke Hands
7 Fresh Espresso The Lazer Beams
8 Washed Out New Theory
9 Hooray for Earth Comfortable, Comparable
10 Memory Tapes Bicycle
11 Headless Heroes North Wind Blew South
12 Taken By Trees To Lose Someone
13 ZAZA Sooner or Later
14 The xx Islands
15 fun. Be Calm
16 Lightning Dust Never Seen
17 You Say Party! We Say Die! Heart of Gold

Note, I downmixed these mp3s slightly to save on file/bandwidth size. If you like em, you should go support the artists by buying the originals in their full glory from itunes/emusic/band-website etc.

but meanwhile, enjoy!

DOWNLOAD as one big-ass zip file of individual files
DOWNLOAD as one single 84 minute mixed-together-fancy mp3 file

This post made possible by: itunes, winamp, emusic,, mixmeister fusion, cool edit, textpad, notepad, google spreadsheets, filezilla, photoshop, firefox and microsoft windows7

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2 Responses to Tom’s End of 2009 indie music mix

  1. foobar says:

    Thanks. Always appreciate these.

  2. foobar says:

    Thanks. Always appreciate these.

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