Reboot 10 is on the way

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Official Page (will be) here. By good fortune of being nearby in London at the time last year (close enough right?) I managed to catch the first for me, but amazingly ninth annual, Reboot conference in Copenhagen. Reboot is the grand-mum of open/un/bar-like conferences. A lot of smart people, 3 days and the conference is pretty much everything you make of it as an attendee.

You’ll know your in Copenhagen by the downtown bicycle traffic jams, preponderance of impossibly good-looking womenfolk (with babies everywhere, which seems hardly a coincidence), and blinding sunshine at nearly all hours of the day/night etc.

Thomas Mygdal says:

“it’s time to reboot our minds again. the 10th edition of reboot will take place in copenhagen, denmark the 26-27 of june.

reboot10 is an exploration of “free” – in every incarnation of the word. free information, free individuals, free culture, free societies, free markets, free products and services, free ideas, free culture, free knowledge, free tools, free platforms, free minds – you continue the list…

a real invitation to participate and a new version of the website including videos from last year (finally!) will be online and out in some days, but use this opportunity to book you calendar, book your flights and hotels cheaply, etc.

in terms of your planning reboot will start at 10am on the 26th (registration from 8am) and will run into the evening on the 27th with lounge/afterparty. ticket price is 250 euro for early bird and 350 euro for late birds.”