Technologies to look forward to in 2008

  1. A truly portable subnotebook from apple.
  2. SSD flash storage in laptops, for portables with lighter weight, longer battery and fewer fragile moving parts (see also #1)
  3. 9000 series blackberries (because the 8000 series were already really nice
  4. 3G iphones
  5. A service pack for Vista (short of something involving and axe and a woodshed, SP1 will have to do for now)
  6. Intel’s silverthorn, montevina and menlow platforms and all the powerful and connected goodness of devices that might bring. These could be as big as Centrino was for the laptop market 4 years ago
  7. GPS in everything
  8. Google’s Android phones
  9. Affordable mobile broadband in Canada (one can always dream)

Which gadgets and technologies are you looking forward to?