Your Indie-Punk-Ass Christmas Mix is back up [edit/repost/fixed** etc.]

It is with some pride that I can tell you that my famous indie-punk-ass christmas mix is back up*. Just this time of year, you want that festive joy, but maybe you’re a little sick of the classic versions and need to shake up christmas a little. Each of these tunes are certified awesome. You can check it out over on the podcast page. Scroll down just a bit, originally posted last Christmas.


*I had to take down my hosted music for a few weeks as I was getting hammered on bandwidth from mp3 blogs and other leechers. Long story. But as of today, the links are all back live again.

** sigh, this note originally posted before Christmas but posted as a wordpress “page” instead of a “post” by some kind of accident. Anyway fixed for posterity in case you’d like some Christmas music after Christmas is already done with but for the fading light of boxing day over the pine trees. Amazingly a few hundred of you managed to find the tunes anyway in a seasonal fashion if my bulging server logs are anything to go by.