Because media has a flavour

2 Walls in New York

These are two exterior walls. They serve (roughly) the same physical purpose. They live across the street. 52nd street if I remember.

B) is the north side of the brand new redesign of the the NYC MoMA
A) is just another building of another century facing it across the street. Right across the street.

They have a different flavour. In general, all media have a flavour.

By it’s flavour I mean the medium’s idiosyncrasies, it’s accidental memes of little common details, you might call it it’s character. How often do we choose a medium based on it’s flavour? how often do flavours choose us?

Does the character of our age choose our mediums, or do our mediums determine the character of our age?

This is a teaser of sorts. I’ve been thinking about these questions a lot lately. I have a few answers, I believe, the start of which (at least as it may pertain to cities, and open cities) that I plan to bring to OpenCities this Saturday. I hope that you might join me in the conversation there. I guess I should book a slot.