Upcoming shows and musical links

national on Thomas Purves Flickr streamThe National, last I caught them at Great American Music Hall, SF 2006.

# I do believe that this is the truth. Especially the bit about Wilco.

# M asked today if there are shows coming up locally soon, and indeed there are.

# MELIGROVE BAND 4-MAY-07 MOD CLUB (one of the best live shows I saw all last year)

# Tapes ‘n Tapes: 16-MAY-07, LEE’S

# The National: 5-JUN-07, OPERA HOUSE. Their new album is good in a quiet sort of way. Not the anthemic knock-the-roof-off-awesomeness of Aligator. But lovely music to sleep to, or wake to. Pretty girls (well at least one) seem to love this album, so you’ve got that going for it 🙂

# Lastly, if you’re looking to keep up with shows in Toronto, Rotate This keeps a good list, and don’t forget I’ve cobbled together for you an rss feed of this page as well for you which you can have for yourself by copying this secret address.

Toronto RSS Concert Updates http://feeds.feedburner.com/RotateThis