Nobody cares about your bookmarks (Damnit)

What is it with people dumping their bookmark feeds into their rss? Sure there’s a lot of good theoretical reasons to have social bookmarks, and rss feeds thereof. Some people even really like Similarly, one of the holy Grail’s of enterprise social media is to feed off of a whole network’s bookmarks (and especially the tags) as a way to amass and track a sort of “collective intelligence” of the swarm. but…

I know you think your browser history is thrilling and everything but, why, why in your main blog feed? If these links aren’t even worth enough of your time to craft a simple blog post to explain why they’re important, and if you’re not flagging these specifically for me, why then am I being subjected to these bookmarks?*

It’s just link barf people. please stop?

Or, if you feel you must social bookmark, just have the courtesy to make it a separate feed (and see how many readers you get).

*worst offenders are those who just dump in links and tags with no commentary whatsoever. If you’re one who actually makes use of the description field to add some brief editorial then I let you off with a milder scolding. If there was such a thing, a properly designed human-readable bookmark feed would include only the bookmarker’s description of the link, and not display the URL the tags, title and other stuff that’s just noise.