Viral Marketing? No, it’s not dead yet.

# How to do Viral Advertising: Scoble on Will it Blend? Aren’t you dying to know what happens when you put an ipod in a blender? (spoiler warning: the blender wins…)

# How not to do Viral Advertising: Penny Arcade on Sony’s Latest fiasco (how many is that for Sony now just this year?) .

And Tycho’s commentary:

‘The reality is that no agency can create viral marketing, this is the sole domain of the consumer. Viral marketing is what happens when a campaign works – when we allow their message to travel via our own superefficient conduits. Perhaps it is entertaining on its own terms, divorced from the message… What distinguishes this … is that we are aware of the message. When we are not aware of the message, or when the agents of the message misrepresent themselves, we call this “deception.”‘