Another Enterprise 2.0 night is on it’s way

# Following on the success of the last Enterprise 2.0 workshop, we’re planning a second one for either the middle or end of October. Right now, we’re waiting to word on a venue to confirm the specific date. I’ve so far made inquiries to the Rotman school which I think would be a great place to host if they can spare us the space. Cross your fingures. Go visit the sign up page here, let us know if you’re interested so we can get a sense of numbers.

If You have some alternate venue suggestions or, would be interested in sponsoring, or presenting a case at the event please draw me a line.

here’s what this event is about:

Inspired by the success of everything Camp in Toronto. Enterprise2.0 is about the business world applications of “Web20” and “SocialMedia”. The idea for Enterprise2.0 is built on the hypothesis that the real killer app for the next generation of web and collaborative media technologies is in business. And it’s more than just the current hype of using blogs and such to market to the MySpace Generation. Enterprise2.0 is about businesses embracing social media themselves. It’s about taking the best from the current boom in social web-based innovation and how businesses are already using these technologies internally and externally to boost productivity, enabling new ways of working and changing the fundamental way they do business.

# And while we wait, some recent thoughts from around the web to stimulate the conversation:

“We seem to be moving toward a consensus on what the key characteristics of social software in the enterprise context are. What we haven’t done so well is make the business value case—how does it help organizations become more productive and competitive?

The answer, I believe, is hiding in plain sight…”

Where is the Business Value in Enterprise 2.0?

“the idea that something’s happening here—and that the way companies use the Web is undergoing more than incremental changes—is one that a lot of people are taking very seriously … ‘The innovation at the edge is going to wash into the Enterprise. And when it does, we’re going to see IT Departments finally see a platform shift worth making. The potential losers are the legacy vendors with their ‘software mainframes.’ The winners will be the companies that package componentized functionality with light, maybe even non-procedural, methods of stitching together flexible Web applications quickly.’ “

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