Podcast #4 is out Best of Fall

Dammit this one rocks. I’m saying so myself but go get this one an turn it up and just try to disagree. Best one yet I tell you. This last 3 months have been a fantastic season for new music. My mind asplodes.

Quickly, here’s how to get it (4 ways):

  • The individual 18 of mp3’s: Link
  • As one big 60 minute mp3: Link (all sequenced and mixed together fancy)
  • all 18 songs in “one bigass zip file”: here (updated)
  • Itunes: if you’re already subscribed go in, find the podcast and if it hasn’t already automagically downloaded itself already, it will, or just [right-click on PC, god knows what on mac and] hit “update”. If you’re not subscribed yet (tsk), see bellow…

no time for fancy tables yet, formatting to come here’s the raw tracklist…

Directory of E:\music\podcasts\best of fall 06
01 im_from_barcelona-were_from_barcelona-smid.mp3
02 The Pipettes_We Are The Pipettes_01_We Are The Pipettes.mp3
03 Snowden_Anti-Anti_02_Anti-Anti.mp3
04 Bicycles Australia.mp3
05 Heartless Bastards_All This Time_02_Searching for the Ghost.mp3
06 Death Of A Tune – The Hidden Cameras.mp3
08 MSTRKRFT easy love.mp3
09 Baby Dayliner_Critics Pass Away_07_Go On Baby.mp3
09 junior_boys-in_the_morning.mp3
10 B-B-Bicycles.mp3
11 mew chinaberry tree.mp3
12 im_from_barcelona-collection_of_stamps-smid.mp3
13 Heartless Bastards_All This Time_01_Into the Open.mp3
14 thermals heres your future.mp3
15 M. Ward_Post-War_06_Chinese Translation.mp3
16 Yo La Tengo_I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass_05_Black Flowers.mp3
17 i love creedence.mp3
18 Xiu Xiu_The Air Force_03_Hello From Eau Claire.mp3
19 The Pipettes_We Are The Pipettes_02_Pull Shapes.mp3
[final sequence]
24 File(s) 180,463,405 bytes

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note: some of you in the past have claimed that this subscription business “doesn’t work for me”. I believe I have finally figured out — most likely you are using some retrograde version of iTunes (you silly goose). Get the latest version of iTunes from the apple website here. We’re up to version 7 now, and it’s free – yes bless their wee, turtlenecked appley hearts.