Important happenings in the policy world, ICT and DRM and other 3 letter words

# Michael Geist concludes 30 days of DRM

DRM protesters-photo by baughj
Geist (as usual) has done a fantastic job of surmising the issues at stake with regard to DRM (Digital rights Management) and the potential outcomes of copyright “reform” in discussion by our current government. Go read the piece, go write to your MP. In writing. On average, how many constituent letters is required for an MP to take an interest in an issue? Just two. I’ve blogged previously on copyright here.

# ICT Toronto: Ourselves Helping Local Policymakers Help Themselves at Drafing Better Policy to Help People like Ourselves

David Miller - photo by Tom PurvesWhat the heck is going on with the once vaunted ICT Toronto Initiative? Barcamp’s own heroic policy wonk Mark Kuznicki is organizing a meet up of techsters and bloggers “to meet with
ICT Toronto the first or second week in October… The focus of the session would be for ICT to share their plans with the group and to solicit our input on what’s really necessary to support a vibrant leading tech industry cluster in Toronto.”. This conversation stemming from recent stations on Mark’s blog here and Joey’s blog here. Want to get involved? Contact Mark or add comments to any of these blogs, if you have ideas suggestions or would like to attend etc.