personal updates- sept/06

My old friends, since you’ve been asking, here what’s new with me these days. Much! Starting just last week I’ve taken on a great new client. That work is going to be keeping me really busy 3-4 days of the week for the next few weeks. I’m helping out one of downtown’s major financial organization with a project that’s both rather enjoyable and devilishly secret.

While that work is paying the bills, Jevon and I are fast at work on the Firestoker poject. Yes, watch for these rumours to start coming true around the 22nd of September. Of course, if you can’t wait this long feel free to give me a call, let’s go for coffee and I’ll give you private demo of our upcoming product. In other very cool Firestoker news, Jo Brown has just agreed to join our team, at least for the near term. She’s in charge of sales and we’ve anointed her the Queen of Revenue. (yes my gosh, revenue! how déclassé un-web2.0 of us, and she doesn’t even keep a blog — oh the humanity…) And of course, we’re hiring developers too and hoping to make an announcement on that soon as well. You saw the job posting right?

And lastly with the other 2 or 3 of the 26 hours of the day, I’m signed up for a completely irrational number of filmfest movies and concerts this month. Mini-reviews to come! and then democamp and casecamp and with luck, another enterprise 2.0 camp…

what of the other usual sorts of personal updates? no, sadly no new spouses, houses, little ones to report. No, no puppy, not even a fish. Maybe next month? At least items for the long-term checklist, alongside “sleep”.