Monday links and the “Desperate Stupidity” of crowds?

# “Web 2.0 is for complete twonks” Best anti web-2.0 screed I’ve read in at least a week. As only the Inq could put it “The whole product of the people shows how desperately stupid the average web user really is…” I still wonder though, if crowd filters could be more effective, even productive, should they were an enterprise or industry-specific user base rather than, say, an editorial base heavily skewed to dorm rooms packed full of male, adolescent linux aficionados? (not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

# Damnit, I wish wordpress had an autosave feature like Gmail.

# I don’t normally link to Guy, he of the business guru 101 self-same 10-20-30 business plans, today I really do feel that he hit an important nail straight on the head with, er, a rhetorical hammer or whatever. Basically, he’s hitting the point “it’s all about the distribution, stupid”. Less we forget, just because your new web-fangled crowd-content-enabled-purple-cow-2.0-what-have-you-product could, almost costlessly, reach out to millions of potential customers, doesn’t mean that it will. at least, just left to its own devices. Distribution is hard. Even if every product these days doesn’t need old-school distribution with trucks, warehouses and branch offices etc. is still a challenge. Getting out of the local echo chamber and actually registering in the mindshare of the mass-market is nontrivial, especially given today’s crowded media space. This is why I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the distribution problem for my own nascent startup. In fact, if you think you might be able to help, please do drop me a line 😉