Toronto BusinessCamp gaining momentum

A quick post to say that I am getting a lot of encouragement on the idea for BusinessCamp/StartupCamp (or whatever we ultimately call it). Rick Segal, who’s already off on a global doublefisted version of his own with Shel Israel, has offered his support and so has the innovationcommons. In fact the innovationcommons is (it’s what 2 weeks old now?) is developing and at an impressive rate. David Crow has been doing some heroic work in terms of pulling a complete business and finacial plan for this new foundations and facility. I met up with David and he offered some great suggestions on the format or how to weave together elements of a collaborative barcampish un-conference with a more traditional business conference format. He’s also suggested making Business camp the launch event for the innovationcommons which I think would be fantastic – if we can get the funding and facilities together in time

Tentatively, we’re looking at a two day event, sometime in the fall. A combination of live demos and learning-oriented seminars/panels potentially with all attendees (or attending firms) expected to contribute to one or the other. Look for more details to start coalescing once we can get a dedicated page and a wiki together. And if you have ideas or would like to help out with organizing, please let me know!