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Open Everything Conference is Open

Mark Surman is proposing a very open series of discussions and events, so open that it’s etirely about the idea of openness itself. Very cool. Registration and propositions are now open. Are you for it or against it? How-to’s and success stories of “open” strategies in the fields of business/enterprise, tech, policy, education, health, arts, social change etc. Presumably, from open-source to open heart surgery, it’s all on the table.

Here are some of the discussions proposed so far.

Slightly related: Here are the bones of the discussion I led last year at the open cities conference on Open and the ‘Flavour’ of Cities. A sort of McLuhan inspired rambling on the possible techno-determinism of the semi-accidental flavours and shapes of the world around us and what new changes “open” and unconstrained design for emergence might bring us for better or worse. An idea I’d like to get back to at some point. [link to Dead Media and the flavour of cities at Slideshare.net]