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Gone West: Heading to San Francisco

This train is about to leave the station. Please hang on. Please set luggage cart brake to on

Probably time I should mention this. In a few short days I’ll be heading west. For a longer trip this time. This October I start a newer, bigger gig with Visa Inc. at the head office in San Francisco. I’m pretty excited about the big move. Of course, lots of daunting little details still left to figure out like where I’ll be living exactly, what to wear on the first day or whether you’re really supposed to pick toughest-looking dude and beat them up to earn respect at lunch hour.

As for the job itself, soonish be able to explain better what I’m actually doing. In the months ahead Visa will be launching a very new way to pay online, on mobile and most any kind of digital platform you can think of. My job will be on the merchant side of that proposition designing product features and APIs and building relationships with clients and partners.

But not to fear dear Toronto, there will still be much visiting. It’s a heck of a commute for both of us, but I’ll be back and forth to see as much as possible of dear Michele and the dingo.

Meanwhile wish me luck. An if you are ever in San Fran drop me a DM and let’s get a beer and maybe a delicious enchilada. San Fran is a great town. They may not of have heard of peameal bacon (heathens!) but the mexican food is excellent. I hear the sailing is also not bad.