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StartupCamp Toronto lineup has been finalized.

We are ready to go with StartupCamp, and it looks like it’s going to be awesome.

Presenting Companies:

Keynote: Albert Lai

Head on over to StartupNorth for all the details.

See you at No Regrets on the 6th.

Note, following StartupCamp and a certain secret announcement, there will an open party upstairs and down at no regrets, including demo booths from up to a dozen startups starting at 8:30pm.

Sponsors of StartupCamp:

StartupCamp Toronto


Well that was quick. After announcing the event just this morning, it looks like we’ve* sold out the first block of tickets already. Don’t expect too many more of the free ones to come up, though there are still sponsored seats available (and you will get some recognition for being a sponsor).

And look for something later this weekend on how to submit your startup as one of the presenters. (There will be 3 or so open slots and the attendees will get to vote on the most interesting. Or at least this is the working theory. Submissions due by midnight Nov 11th).

*I’m lending a hand to the good crew at (and sponsors to be announced) in organizing this event. Should be a lot of fun!