Social Network Optimization is the new SEO/SEM

Or, how to buy friends and influence people:

“need someone with knowledge on how to post and title youtube videos and digg articles in a compelling manner… will be paid bonuses for results (ie getting on the first page of Digg, getting lots of viewers, comments, channel subscribers etc) in Youtube”NYCraigslist Posting
“We need someone with experience in adding friends via Friendblaster Pro or other similar applications to Myspace company profiles… We could pay by the friends. Say fixed amounts for every 500 friends. This is a lucrative position and would be long term. We already have a number of clients lined up.”NYCraigslist Posting
“We are looking for active Facebook users with lots of friends in their network. Since we are building a highly social app, it would be expected that you share it with your friends network…For current college students this could turn into a longer term campus rep position. “NYCraigslist Posting

The sharks are moving in. Buy your social network distribution now, while the kids are going cheap.
File under social graft. [tmJay Goldman]

thanks to M for the keen eyes and amazement.