Lift 08 Program Announced


The program looks fantastic.

more pics: Lift06 Lift07

Lift is a tech conference about “Life, Ideas and Futures Together”. And a massive annual dose of inspiration. Geneva, Feb 6-8.

UPDATE: Pricing has been announced for LIFT08. It’s gone up again (ouch). Fortunately the shining loonie is awesome against the CHF right now ( 1 CHF ~= 0.82 CAD), which makes Switzerland almost a bargain these days. Our American cousins, owners of the impoverished Yankee-peso are close, but will pay a few bucks more.

Early bird price:

  • 550CHF for former participants to LIFT06 or LIFT07 (in CAD) (in USD)
  • 650CHF for newcomers (in CAD) (in USD)

From December 15, price will be 850CHF (in CAD) (in USD)

Register here