CaseCamp5 Toronto pt 1

Will Pate Jay Goldman
I’m here at CaseCamp, it’s like DemoCamp for the good looking set [not pictured]. At any rate the crowd is capacious and the venue attractive. Good job again to Eli for wrangling up another fine event for Toronto’s social medialites.

Maggie Fox was up first talking about Yamaha’s new blog strategy. Yes, you would think that a corporate blogging for any brand would be a no-brainer in this day and age. But for Yamaha apparently, it took an official “strategy” to get such an ambitious project off the ground. This is good news though for Maggie and the rest of us consultants. And good news too from making it a “project” means they tracked metrics. Some key points, Yamaha was worried about 2 way communication “what if people say bad things or even abusive things?” (not all managers realize that comments can be moderated). So what were the results?

Results: 43% positive (a whole number lot embarrassingly positive) 48% general 8.5 negative.

The moral, get a blog silly. And if you have a good product and treat your customers fairly and with honesty, they will appreciate it. And these days where any customer of yours can and does have a meaningful voice – thanks to those selfsame powers of the intarnet, their own blog or online following etc- it is more important than ever.

We’re on a little break right now. It seems the macbook and the projector had a bit of tiff after that last presentation and aren’t speaking to each other. Mediators are on the scene.

more live blogging coming shortly…

SekretCase ScratchPad digital disc

*not that we DemoCampers aren’t good looking too. In a special way.