Most interesting flickr photostream, 941 years on.

I bet it would have racked up lot of views and favourites since the twelfth century. If only they were counting. Check this youtube video for a wonderful animation of the Bayeux Tapestry. It strikes me how it reads just like the personal photostream of young William and his once fateful/adventurous summer trip to the south of England. It’s interesting to consider what parts they found most memorable – the making of the preparations, candid party shots from the big dinner the night before (heh, I’m not the only one who taking gratuitous food pictures), the time they blew up that old house etc.

I like these reminders of how all new media retrieves some archetypes of old dead media that came before.

Aside: remember that this is very much the Normand side of the story. Harold’s photostream would of course shown a whole other story had he lived to be the own writing/weaving history. (poor Harold assailed by Norway and the Normans that same year)

Dead Media doesn’t really die. It’s just pining for the fjords.

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