A Prehistory of Twitter

Every new media retrieves an archetype of a dead one. With the fuss over social presence at the moment, I recalled to how I first tried to achieve twitter. Twitter for me retrieves my very first blog which was nothing more than a log of msn messenger handles. And one point, there was even a semi-functional rss feed of this thanks to Michael Aird. Little personal moments at 80 characters or less (Twitter is generous by comparison).

A life blogged in msn handles, a year ago today

March 31, toronto,
t: home again, between homes, a sad moment packing boxes

March 30 MaRS,
t: at iSummit

March 29 toronto,
t: it’s true, i’m finally a (real) blogger

March 27 toronto,
t: anyone else want to meet me for drinks in tokyo next weekend?

March 26 toronto,
t: being wierd is not enough

March 25 toronto,
t: lips I could spend a day with

March 16, toronto,
t: you’re pretty good looking for a girl

March 16, toronto,
t: she had a mind that would not abide double negatives

March 14, toronto,
t: “Technology is about enabling people. DRM is about disabling people. DRM is the opposite of what technology should do.” IC

March 13, toronto,
t: mashup the mashups

March 12, toronto,
t: oh god this house _not_ lonely now. save me.

March 12, toronto,
t: just me, a pizza and a lonely heart tonight.

March 11, toronto,
t: Night Moves tonight or Shake a Leg? we’re getting ready early

March 11, toronto,
t: damn you should see the madness on queen st today

March 10, toronto,
t: the lingering taste of kimchi

March 10, toronto,
t: hey, anyone want to drive with me to Austin next week? You know for fun. (and SXSW)

March 9, toronto,
t: roasting a fine chicken

March 9, toronto,
t: “bonjour les madame et salut les ‘sieurs, nous sommes Les Dales Hawerchuk!” [much rock&roll ensues]

March 9, toronto,
t: ooh new TV on the radio is good

March 8, toronto,
t: i could weep for how much last.fm is exactly like the music app I always wanted (to build)

March 7, toronto,
t: I need less sleep

March 5, toronto,
t: 4th explanation for the lack of women in science — they found better jobs

March 2, Lee’s Palace2006,
t: The Meligrove Band – wow! best show in ages

March 2, 2006, Toronto,
t:Bush on CO2, can’t know exactly what targets r sustainable so “issue not worth discussing” what planet are these guys from?

Feb 28, 2006, feeling homeless,
t: and not one part, of your skyscraper heart, can tell which one is for real

Feb 27, 2006, toronto,
t: he had an intermittent genius that came and went like a bad cell phone connection

Feb 25, 2006, toronto,
t: hey we won TorCampSlamCamp cool

Feb 21, 2006, toronto,
t: this just in, arctic monkeys is teh sux0r. get meligrove band instead.

Feb 20, 2006, toronto,
t: Torcamp. you should go

Feb 20, 2006, toronto,
t: Why does every computer i own feel like it needs to crash today?

Feb 19, 2006, toronto,
t: “I stand alone against your mad deadly communist world ganster frankenstein controls”

Feb 18, 2006, toronto,
t: diableros tonight

Feb 17, 2006, toronto,
t: Done!

Feb 17, 2006, toronto,
t: A bigger man

Feb 16, 2006, toronto,
t: “Let chnia sleep, for when she awakes, she will shake the world” Napoleon Bonaparte

Feb 15, 2006, toronto,
t: hmmm, all i can find to wear is underwear, but hey, what could they do, fire me?

Feb 12, 2006, toronto,
t: Shirky’s Law– “Equality. Fairness. Opportunity. Pick Two.” [choose the world you want to live in]

Feb 11, 2006, toronto,
t: leader of the new dance revolution

Feb 11, 2006, toronto,
t: you’ve been searching for sins since you were young

Feb 9, 2006, toronto,
t: can I squeeze you in to an empty page of my diary?

Feb 8, 2006, toronto,
t: “l’ll testify. That i did not do those drugs – or steal those underpants no…”

Feb 7, 2006, toronto,
t: “[in the future] i’ll no longer have to search for my shoes in the morning, I’ll just google them” -bruce sterling lift06

Feb 7, 2006, toronto,
t:i wish my cell phone *charger* would ring when i called it…

Feb 6, 2006, Toronto,
t:home again, time to catch up

Feb 5, 2006, Frankfurt,
t:long lonely weary journey home

Feb 5, 2006, Geneva,
t:its 4:30 a successful pub crawl in geneva… [and oh god up again at 7:30, this schedule really makes it’s own jet lag]

Feb 5, 2006, Geneva,
t:its 4:30 a successful pub crawl in geneva…

Feb 4, 2006, Geneva,
t:JP godfather of the geneva liquid scene

Feb 3, 2006, Geneva,
t:the bbc intranet rules

Feb 3, 2006, Geneva,
t:”europe has been more united by Easyjet than by the european union” Thomas Mygdal, lift06

Feb 2, 2006, Geneva,
t:bruce sterling: blogjects, every-ware, the infocloud, data shadows, internet of things, spimes and the wands to control them

Feb 2, 2006, Geneva,
t:how much do I love mustard in a tube

Feb 1, 2006, Geneva,
t:first night Alist bloggers and supermodels. cool!

Jan 31, 2006, Frankfurt,
t:in Frankfurt they like 747s, the cell phones here make me cry

Jan 31, 2006, Toronto,
t:1.Freak out 2.Get shit together really fast 3.Replace passport with less than 4.5 hrs 4. Wow cool, ok next problem?

Jan 30, 2006, Toronto,
t:I quit!