So jealous of roboexotica

Damn you fran, my dear friend of most remarkable and continuous Autobiographical Locality, has once again found herself afoot in vienna for Roboexotica with famous art interventionists Monochrom (wikipedia: Monchrom) mixing robots with alcohol.

Link to Fran’s tale:

I naturally then made my way to Roboexotica 2006 where Johannnes in his trucker hat was directing fan traffic. As usual there was no shortage of robot stunts. I walked between a scultpural catapult cocktail maker, a machine that simulated drunken driving…Han was peddling his robo-cocktail dorkbot t-shirts and I vowed to go back for more today….While in the last few weeks it has been a busy and crazy time in my work life and life all around, I am glad I came back to beautiful Vienna where the gold winks at you and pushes you along her well-proportioned streets encouraging you to let go.

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From Boingboing, See also video of Fran, Johannes, Cory Doctorow and co. on Austrian community TV last year. Love the mock-seriousness with which they manage to conduct the discussion on this very important conference of international cocktail robotics.

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