Conferences, Damn Cheap flights

Just pre-registered for Office2.0 the conference (yes a new name for Eneterprise 2.0 … Office 2.0, I’ve also heared web 2.5, web 3.0 meaning the same thing. as valleywag says god help us). Anyway I’m excited for this conference, a good price $395 (last day for this price btw! if you’re even thinking of maybe going put your name down they won’t bill you yet but as of tommorrow the price goes up to $595)

In other news, rumours of major airline sales seem to be confirmed. US airways has flights from Toronto to SF for only $320 USD (!) in october. And direct flights AirCanada can be had for $460. These are great deals. In an earlier life some years ago I used to do this flight with some regularity and got used to paying 650-750CDN as often the best economy class deal one could ever find.

Speaking of, this should be fun, heading off straight to the belly of the beast, buble central for web2.0. I still remember those last great frothy days of bubble1.0 1999-2000 in San Fran… I’ll be back to compare notes.

Lastly, it would be egregious of me to plug the Office2.0 con without also mentioning another home-grown conference that’s coming up: CanUX. If you prefer your conferences in a setting a little more, ahem, civilized than the valley you should look to join Dave, Bryce and the gang for the Canadian User Experience workshop conference. It’s in gorgeous Banff, it looks like it will be a blast, it’s also a pretty great bargain. link