Enterprise 2.0 Event a lot of fun lets do it again.

enterprise 2.0 night

Thanks to all who came out to Enterprise 2.0 on thursday. we were expecting about 20, but by the end of the evening we had just over 30 people. Thanks also to our three excellent speakers:

1. Bryce Johnson led a discussion on “getting real on the enterprise” covering development practices, how corporate intranets are changing and the role of sharepoint and Office 2007 fit into the Enterprise 2.0 ecosystem.

2. Sacha Choa talked about how social media transformed her experience as a graduate researcher and employee of IBM. The money quote of the evening from Sacha “social media transformed my perspective of IBM from cold and overwhelming organization to and organization full of individual people and friends”.

3. Martin Cleaver talked about the strategic implications of Enterprise2.0 from both the vendor and the client perspective and how the shift from “top-down control” systems to “bottom-up participative” creating both opportunities (and a few new problems) for vendors and vendee’s alike.

All three presentations yielded a great deal of conversation and discussion (lasting ultimately until almost last call at the bar, heh). it was great to see the audience jumping in and getting involved in the conversation.

By popular demand, we’re looking for to doing another event sometime after the summer. Watch this space and the barcamp homepage for news.